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PortBin tideXL collects floating garbage in the ports “debris bays”, in bigbags of 1000 litres.

PortBin tide XL cleans the port

PortBin tide makes the ports cleaner and public areas more attractive. It gives the port a visible “environmental credibility”.

PortBin tide XL is based on proven oil spill technology:

- Traps floatable waste like bottles and cans.

- High throughput.

- Working with the tide 24/7.

- Robust.

- Simple.

-Easely handeled with a small crane.

PortBin tide - available in three versions:

Tide, tide S (Shallow) and tide XL. XL has a collector volume of apx. 1000 liter and is handeled with a crane. Tide and tide S is easily handeled without any powered supply. For an info flyer click HERE

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