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SpillTech AS is a  Norwegian company established to develop and sell optimal solutions for environmental technology challenges.
The PortBin Toolbox is our product range for collecting marine waste. These tools are SpillTechs own developments. You will find three different sizes for collecting waste in the ports "debris bays". For waste in rivers we have the PortBin TrashTrawl.

SpillTech have the exclusive worldwide sales rights for the SPILLRECS portfolio produced by H.Henriksen AS. All existing and new customers are supported in close collaboration with H. Henriksen AS.

In Norway SpillTech is the national distributor of:
-Expandi Systems for oilspill
-Öko-Tech products for flood protection and redirecting liquids avoiding unwanted ground infiltration.

We also distribute supporting products to the main produkt range; Honda, Petzl and others.

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PortBin robot og flaske
PortBin robot og skytetråd
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