SpillTech Enviromental Performence

SpillTech Enviromental Performence:

SpillTech is certified in the Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme.  


This a concrete and effective tool helping us in our daily work to make smart and profitable environmental choices.


Our work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures is on a systematic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally friendly operations, products and safer work environments. 


SpillTech is an agile and innovative Norwegian Company developing and selling robust technology for removal of waste from rivers, ports and coastal areas before it becomes a problem as micro plastics. Our most important contribution to the Eco-Lighthouse commitment is a continuous development of our products becoming more energy efficient and environmental friendly. In addition the company itself has focus on a reduced environmental footprint. 


To fulfil our obligations we have:


  • Implemented heat exchange system in our premises.
  • Implementert heat pumps for better energy use in our premises.
  • Reduced the average indoor temperature.
  • Implemented systems for reducing the night temperature in the premises.
  • Heating offices only when in use.
  • Waste sorting and reuse of incoming packaging for outgoing products.
  • Developed 100% recycled PEHD for use in our products.
  • Having a continuous development of our products for reduces use of virgin materials
  • Having a continuous development of our products for reduces energy consumption when in use.


Our EHS results (in Norwegian)  

For more info or details on our work for a better environment please contact 

Mail:         bard@spilltech.no

Phone :   +47 932 10 440