PortBin tide

PortBin tide collects floating garbage in the ports “debris bays”

The PortBin tide products effectively cleans ports, enhancing their cleanliness and making public areas more appealing. It provides your port with a visible demonstration of environmental responsibility.

Drawing on proven oil spill technology, PortBin tide efficiently captures floatable waste such as bottles and cans. It boasts high throughput, operates continuously with the tide, and is sturdy yet simple in design.

PortBin tide is available in three versions: -tide, -tide S (Shallow), and -tide XL. The -XL model features a collector volume of approximately 1000 liters and is managed with a crane, while the tide and tide S models are easily handled without the need for external power.

PortBin tide video from the first launch in 2017

PortBin tide tutorial. How easy it is to launch and use

A customer review on Norwegian news. Port of Hammerfest

From the television program "Planet Plastic"

Public involvement. "The Slurp- project" in Bergen

Oslo sauna association. Beautiful scenery but a lot of marine waste

Animation of how it works